The GMC 2017 Savana Passenger 2500 AWD Cargo Van Delivers in Reliability and Solid Design

The GMC 2017 Savana Passenger 2500 all wheel drive cargo van is a vehicle you should consider if you’re building a fleet for a shuttle service. Its solid appearance and square design can inspire in a passenger the confidence that the ride will be comfortable and you can take them safely where they need to go. It’s a promise backed by GMC’s precise engineering.

The GMC 2017 Savana Passenger 2500 is built for flexibility.

The GMC 2017 Savana Passenger 2500 may not look as sexy as other AWD cargo vans in the market, given its square and boxy appearance. It’s not very flashy. But what it doesn’t have in the looks department, it certainly has in spades when it comes to flexibility of options.

The Savana Passenger 2500 is available in two models: the 1LS and the 1LT. With regards to size and dimensions, they’re practically the same. Check out their numbers:

  • Overall height: 83.90 inches
  • Overall length: 224.10 inches
  • Cargo volume: 216.2 cubic feet
  • Wheelbase: 135 inches
  • Gross vehicle weight rating: 8600 lbs

Both models can comfortably seat up to 12 passengers – two in the front row, three in the second and third rows, and four in the fourth row. The 1LS model has vinyl as its default seat trims, but it can be upgraded to custom cloth trims. On the other hand, custom cloth trims are standard for the 1LT. You can also upfit the Savana for wheelchair accommodations if you plan on transporting persons with disabilities.

Design-wise, the Savana is primarily a cargo van. If you’re going to use it to transport passengers, as is intended with the Savana Pasenger 2500, you’ll need to customize the vehicle further to suit your needs. For one, sliding passenger side doors are only available as upgrades. So is rear air conditioning, not to mention heating for cold weather conditions. But with hip room averaging 65 inches, head room 37 inches, leg room 36 inches, and shoulder room 65 inches, the Savana is roomy enough for your passengers to feel comfortable in their seats.

GMC 2017 Savana Passenger 2500

The GMC 2017 Savana Passenger 2500 is designed for heavy duty performance.

Both the 1LS and the 1LT models of the GMC 2017 Savana Passenger

2500 have a Vortec 4.8-liter V8 SFI engine built in. This engine delivers 285 horsepower and 295 lb-ft of torque, thus promising a balance between power and fuel efficiency. But if you’re looking for more power and better fuel efficiency, you can have your Savana Passenger’s engine upgraded to the Vortec 6.0-liter V8 SFI engine. This engine packs 342 horsepower and 373 lb-ft of torque. The beauty of this engine is it allows you to use ethanol-gasoline fuel blends.

Additionally, both the 1LS and the 1LT models have six-speed heavy-duty and automatic transmission and GMC’s signature StabiliTrak control system. StabiliTrak gives you a heightened ability to control your vehicle as you drive so you won’t easily steer off-course.

If you intend to use your Savana Passenger for towing, it comes with a tow-haul mode. This feature allows you more efficient control over your shifting and braking so you can tow more easily and safely.

The Savana Passenger also comes with four-wheel and four-disc brakes with antilock features.

The GMC 2017 Savana Passenger 2500 lets you work smart, not hard.

Technology matters in this digital age we live in. The GMC 2017 Savana Passenger 2500 rises up to the challenge and lets you work smarter with its technology features.

At its very basic, the 1LS and the 1LT both come with the standard audio system with an AM/FM tuner and MP3 player. They also have the GMC OnStar 4G LTE and onboard Wi-Fi hotspot built in. So you and your passengers can work, have fun, and stay connected even as you’re on the road.

You can upgrade your Savana Passenger even further to suit your techie needs. For instance, you can opt to install a USB port so you can hook up your gadgets to your Savana cargo van’s console. If you want an easier, hands-free experience with your gadgets while driving, you can install Bluetooth. If you want to have better entertainment options, GMC offers subscriptions to the SiriusXM satellite radio service. SiriusXM also comes with a NavTraffic navigation service that can give you driving directions and guide you through traffic.

Additionally, you can download the MYGMC app on your smartphone. This app lets you keep track of your Savana Passenger’s location and maintenance status. It also lets you tweak your Wi-Fi settings, as well as start your vehicle remotely.

The GMC 2017 Savana Passenger 2500 lets you drive with your mind at ease.

As mentioned earlier, the GMC 2017 Savana Passenger 2500 is designed to inspire confidence in your passengers that they will arrive safely at their destination. To prevent accidents, the Savana has the StabiliTrak feature which, if you will recall, gives you better control over your vehicle so it will stay on course while you’re driving. The vehicle itself is constructed for sturdiness and to absorb maximum impact upon collision. You can also install rear monitors so you can safely back up your van.

The purchasing the Savana Passenger additionally gives you a three-month trial of the GMC OnStar service. This service monitors your vehicle and provides diagnostics so you’d know when you should take your car in for maintenance.

In case you do meet an accident on the road, the OnStar service sends real-time accident reports so you can get roadside assistance. In addition, the Savana Passenger comes with a full complement of front and side airbags to minimize injuries. The driver’s row has front and side thoracic air bags, while the three passenger rows behind the driver have head curtain airbags.

The GMC 2017 Savana Passenger 2500 may not look as sexy as other AWD cargo vans currently in the market. But what it doesn’t have in terms of looks, it delivers in terms of reliability and heavy-duty performance.