The GMC 2017 Savana Cargo 2500: A High-Tech AWD Cargo Van You Can Rely On

GMC 2017 Savana Cargo 2500

If you’re looking for a tough all wheel drive cargo van that will help you do your tough tasks, the GMC 2017 Savana Cargo 2500 may be the AWD cargo van you’re looking for. The Savana cargo van is built for endurance and lets you work smart when you need to work hard. It is truly a cargo van you can rely on.

The GMC 2017 Savana Cargo 2500 gives you ample space to work with.

Just like its sister the Savana Passenger, the GMC 2017 Savana Cargo 2500 is not really much of a looker. The Savana Cargo is boxy in its appearance and doesn’t have much by the way of frills. GMC does offer a chrome appearance package that lets you install a chrome grill and chrome bumpers on your Savana Cargo to make it a little bit flashier.

But if you value room over appearance, then the Savana Cargo 2500 doesn’t disappoint. The Savana Cargo comes in two wheelbase lengths. The regular one has a wheelbase of 135 inches and its overall length is at 224.10 inches. Its maximum payload capacity is pegged at 3234 lbs while its cargo volume is 239.7 cubic feet. An AWD cargo van with these dimensions does sound like it has a lot of room in it.

The extended Savana Cargo, on the other hand, has a wheelbase of 155. It also has an overall length of 244.10 inches, a maximum payload capacity of 3013 lbs, and a cargo volume of 284.4 cubic feet. If room is what you want, the Savana Cargo indeed has it.

If you want to have flexible options with your ride, GMC allows you to customize the features of your Savana Cargo. For one, you can opt for your Savana cargo van to have sliding doors instead of hinged doors on the passenger side. GMC also offers a hotel shuttle package that lets you customize your van for transporting your guests. Another package GMC has available is a paratransit package, which allows you to upfit your Savana cargo van to transport people with disabilities. You can also upfit your Savana Cargo with storage and shelving appropriate to your business needs.

GMC 2017 Savana Cargo 2500

The GMC 2017 Savana Cargo 2500 gives you powerful engine options.

Power matters in a cargo van the size of the GMC 2017 Savana Cargo 2500, especially if you expect to use it for towing, drive through difficult terrain, or maybe both. The Savana Cargo has the standard Vortec 4.8L V8 SFI engine built in. This engine delivers 285 horsepower and 295 lb-ft of torque. That engine is generally powerful enough to withstand most driving situations.

But if you want more power to your engine, you can opt to have the Vortec 6.0L V8 SFI engine installed in your Savana Cargo instead. This engine, with its 342 horsepower and 373 lb-ft of torque, combines power with fuel flexibility. GMC’s Vortec 6.0L engine lets you use ethanol-gasoline fuel blends.

The Savana Cargo 2500 also comes with a heavy-duty, six-speed automatic transmission. If you’re going to use this AWD cargo van for towing, it’s built with high-performance towing equipment. The Savana Cargo additionally has a towing or hauling mode. This driving mode lets you tow another vehicle safely and smoothly regardless of terrain. What this means is you can use the Savana Cargo for RVing if you wish to follow a mobile lifestyle. It certainly has the room and the power for it.

The GMC 2017 Savana Cargo 2500’s mobile hotspot lets you take your office with you.

With the GMC 2017 Savana Cargo 2500, you no longer have to be confined to the four walls of your office just to get some work done. If you sign up for GMC’s OnStar Basic plan for five years, you can have access to the OnStar 4G LTE and Wi-Fi hotspot. Thus, you can work and stay connected wherever you may be.

Aside from the mobile hotspot, you can also enjoy easier driving and navigation with GMC’s NavTraffic system. This NavTraffic system is powered by SiriusXM. It also gives you access to the SiriusXM satellite radio

, which is perfect if you want more variety in how you entertain yourself while driving. Additionally, you can plug your gadgets into the console with the help of a USB port. You can also install Bluetooth to allow you use your gadgets, as well as make phone calls and texts hands-free.

Your purchase of the Savana Cargo 2500 also gives you access to the MYGMC mobile app. This mobile app lets you control your vehicle remotely. It will help you do such tasks as remote-starting your vehicle, managing your Wi-Fi hotspot, and keep track of your vehicle’s vital signs so you’d know when you should take it in for maintenance.

Ease your mind while driving with the GMC 2017 Savana Cargo 2500’s safety features.

Road accidents can happen. But it doesn’t have to happen to you. With your responsible driving and the GMC 2017 Savana Cargo 2500’s safety features, you can reasonably expect to have a mishap-free driving experience.

In the first place, the Savana Cargo is built with GMC’s signature StabiliTrak system. This system gives you better control of your vehicle so that you’ll always stay on course when driving. A four-disc braking system with antilock mechanisms further enhances your vehicle’s safety. You also have the choice to install your Savana cargo van with a rear-vision camera and rear park assist so you can automatically sense what’s behind your vehicle whenever you’re backing up.

If you do get into an accident on the road, the Savana Cargo 2500 is designed to absorb as much impact as possible to minimize injuries and loss of life. The Savana Cargo has built-in sensors to deploy airbags installed on the driver’s row.

When you’re transporting goods or required to work in a mobile office, it’s extremely important that the vehicle you use has the technology to let you do your work without a hitch. The GMC 2017 Savana Cargo 2500 is certainly an AWD cargo van you can rely on to help you work wherever you may be.