A Brief Overview of the Chevrolet Company


Chevrolet is part of the General Motors line up and has been since 1918. Alfred Sloan positioned Chevrolet back then to compete against Henry Ford and his popular Model T during the 1920’s.

Chevrolet vehicles are also known by the friendly name Chevy with a slew of cars, trucks and of course their popular cargo vans.  Chevrolet’s main competition was Ford until 1928 when the Chrysler Corporation formed the Plymouth division.

Chevrolet is responsible for having a huge impact on the American automobile market during the 1950’s and 60’s. In 1953 the Corvette was introduced and in 1960 the Corvair was released on the market. By 1963 one out of every 10 cars sold in the United States was a Chevrolet!

The Chevrolet Express Cargo Vanchevrolet

The Chevrolet Express cargo van replaced the Chevrolet Van in 1996. The Express along with the GMC Savana

currently hold approximately 44% of the market for full sized vans in theUnited States. The Express actually outsells even the Savana by a 3 to 1 ratio.

By 2003 the Chevrolet Express had updated sheet metal similar to that used in light trucks and popular SUV’s.  Other new additions around this time were the introduction of the LS engine and a stability control feature.

Who Buys the Chevrolet Express Van?

The Chevrolet Express van is very popular with tradesmen such as plumbers and electricians. InHollandthe Chevrolet Express is used as an ambulance and police accident van. It is widely used as a police vehicle in the city ofAmsterdam. Many large delivery companies use the Express van as it has 317 cubic feet of cargo capacity available.

The Express van is perfect for anyone who has to haul large and heavy loads and equipment. There are plenty of custom features that it can easily be customized into the perfect work vehicle.  Roof racks can be added to carry ladders and you can have sliding doors if required.


Passenger Vans

The Chevrolet Express is also available as a passenger van and this is proving to be a very popular choice. A Chevy passenger van can carry up to 15 passengers and is adapted by many into a business of their own.

You will see many school buses, tour buses and mobility buses that are actually a Chevrolet Express van.


The Future for Chevrolet

Even though the years from 2007 to 2010 were hard financially due to the recession the company is starting to make a strong comeback.

Chevrolet still retains a strong market share in all areas especially for cargo vans. Plus there seems to be no signs of this trend slowing down.

Vans from Chevrolet have been doing well for over forty years now. This line of vehicles has seen only one redesign in this time period and that is when it went from being called the Van to Express. That alone says how great this line of vehicles is! The future really looks nothing but bright for the Chevrolet Express.