Cargo Van Diesel

Express 3500 Diesel Regular Wheel Base

The Express 3500 is the choice for many commercial trades’ people. It is used widely by delivery companies and electricians and plumbers. It is chosen due to its huge storage capacity and the recent inclusion of available Wi-Fi turning this Chevy Express into its own mobile office.

Diesel Engine

The Chevrolet Express 3500 is the only model available with a diesel engine. The current engine in this model is a Duramax 6.6L Turbo Diesel V8. This delivers 250 horsepower and has 460 lb of torque per foot.  This option is available on both the Cargo and Cut Away version of the 3500 Express model.  The Duramax is an engine which has been shown to be powerful and yet fuel efficient making it the perfect choice for this vehicle when used commercially.

The Duramax engine is known as clean diesel technology which uses added fluid to help reduce emissions. For this reason this type of engine may require more maintenance than some other diesel engines.

Features of the 3500 Diesel Express

As mentioned above the availability of Autonet Mobile has made this van even more popular when used on the road. It is easy to pull over and connect to the internet, the current range is 150 ft from the van in all directions. This allows anyone to call building inspectors, arrange for permits to be delivered and even create and print quotes to customers all while on site.

The 3500 comes with a Directions and Connections Package from OnStar. This package features turn by turn navigation and is proving to be a handy option.

Another great feature is the Driver Information centre which provides all kinds of statistics and info for the driver. This includes knowing when maintenance is due on your van.

The cargo space on the 3500 Regular wheel base model is 239.7 cubic feet with the extended version providing you with 284.4 cubic feet of storage room.

Towing Package

The Chevrolet Express 3500 can be outfitted with a Hitch Ball Assembly kit from any Chevy dealer. The 3500 comes with Auto Grade Braking as a standard feature. This allows the heavy duty transmission to automatically downshift while applying the brakes on long steep downgrades.

The ABS brakes provide fantastic stopping traction even on slippery surfaces.  These brakes help reduce the instances of wheel lock up when applying hard pressure to the brakes.

The Trailer Sway Control system provides you with an automatic detection system if your trailer begins to sway. It will automatically apply your brakes and reduces engine power allowing you to regain control of your trailer.  This is a new feature that works in conjunction with the StabilitraK Electronic Stability Control System.

Unless you really require the extra space of the extended wheel base version, the regular model will provide you with more than enough room for all your work equipment.  You can easily store all your bins, tools, rope and tarps in this model without encountering any problems.