E-350 Cargo Van Extended

Ford E350 Extended cargo van

The Ford E350 extended cargo van carries a base price of $32,885 for the new 2012 model. This cargo van is used by many businesses such as electricians, plumbers and appliance repair companies. The van is easy to customize into your perfect work vehicle.

Available Features

There are various packages which can be included in the basic model. This includes things like having ladder racks installed. Storage bins and racks can be added as well. Plus there are two different towing packages available. These tow packs depend upon how much weight you expect to be trailering and if you require Ford’s brake assist trailering package to be installed.

Interior Features

Standard interior features include front air conditioning and front driver and passenger air bags. You also get two 12 v power point plugs in this van. One is on the instrument panel and the other is located inside the glove box on the passenger side.

The steering wheel is covered in black vinyl and comes with basic tilt steering as a standard feature. Cruise control is an optional feature and could be very handy to have installed.

If your business requires the use of heavy duty equipment you might want to take a look at the User defined upfitter switches. There are four switches which can act as a high power relay centre. These switches are installed pre wired and ready for use by you.

If you would like to take advantage of the Ford Sync system this is another option which can be installed. This system gives you a voice activated communication and navigation system. It comes with 911 Assist, plus you can get weather, traffic and directional information. This system could be perfect for doing business away from your local area.

Standard Features

The basic engine on the E350 cargo van is a 5.4L EFI Triton engine which is a V8 and comes with a four speed automatic transmission. The 5.4L engine is a flex fuel engine. What this means is that it will run on E85, unleaded gas or a mixture of the two different types.  This engine delivers 255 of horsepower and features a very quiet cam drive system.  Plus it also comes with a failsafe cooling system which as a 97,500 mile scheduled tune up.

The appearance of your van is important and Ford has taken measures to provide you with sport wheel covers that beef up the look of your van. The tires on this model are 16 inch and come as all season tires.

As with any vehicle Ford has provided you with some wonderful basic features along with literally hundreds of different options. Some small and some much larger, what this does is allow you to customize your cargo van so that it suits your business to a tee.

All that is left for you to do is to visit your local Ford dealer and take an E350 cargo van for a test drive today.

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