Ford Cargo Vans

Ford Cargo Vans are manufactured by the Ford motor company with the purpose that they will be used specifically for transporting goods.

Most vans used for transporting goods in the United States are manufactured by the company. Over 50% of the vans sold to commercial users by the company are used for transporting goods.

The E-series consists of a wide range of vans designed by the company. The vans are designed to be tough to facilitate carrying of heavy loads. The vans can carry up to two passengers.

Most Ford Cargo Vans are equipped with over 200-horse power engine to make them powerful enough to transport the heavy loads. The standard van has a 4-speed automatic overdrive transmission. Autodata listed the E-series amongst the top 20 most sold vans in the U.S.

The former Ford Cargo Vans were called the Econoline because of their efficiency and low fuel consumption. The Vans in the market today are full size vans which have truck chassis that makes them compact.

Examples of The Ford’s Cargo Vans

Examples of the Ford Cargo Vans are the E-350 cutaway, 2008 E-Series wagon, 2008 E-150 van, 2008 E-250 van and the 2011 Ford E-450 Cut-a-way.

Ford Cargo Vans are amongst the best selling full size vans. Improvement on these vans is done annually to enhance their features. For instance, the new features introduced in the E-350 cutaway van are techno meter and digital odometer.

The van has 7.3 liters power stroke. Most Ford Cargo Vans are tow vehicles with a low curb weight Gross and a Combined Weight Rating of 9076 kg. The Ford Cargo Vans are sold normally as commercial end user vehicles.

To ensure that the goods carried are safe, the cargo area of Ford Cargo Vans is double walled. This design ensures that the exterior metal sheets are not vulnerable to damages resulting from the cargo. Improvements are made on the Ford Cargo Vans to advance their features.

Besides being economical, the Ford Cargo Vans are thoroughly inspected to ensure that they are safe and packing of goods inside the vans is easy.

Fitting the Ford Cargo Vans with roof rack and bins has greatly improved their efficiency. Some of the Ford Cargo Vans have both sliding doors and roof racks. Examples of these latest versions are the half ton typical length Cargo vans.

They include the E250 Econoline Cargo Van, E250 Econoline Cargo Van fitted with the sliding door and bin and the E250 Econoline Cargo Van fitted with the bin package.

The one ton classic length cargo vans include E350 Econoline SUPER Cargo Van, E350 Econoline SUPER Cargo Van with the Sliding Side Door and the E250 Econoline SUPER Cargo Van fitted with a roof rack and bins. The prices of Ford Cargo Vans are pocket friendly.

Most Ford Cargo Vans cost around 16 to 20 thousand dollars. The E150 Econoline Cargo Van costs $16,995 (used) 2012 model is starting at $26,990 while the E350 Econoline SUPER Cargo Van costs $19,995. I recommend that if you are looking for a durable, economical vehicle for carrying goods, try the Ford Cargo Vans.