Ford E-150 Cargo Van

Ford E150 Cargo Van

The Ford E150 series of Cargo vans are built to be tough. They are equipped with all the power you need to transport your cargo and tow heavy loads. Plus they are extremely comfortable to allow you to work all day right out of your van.


This model of cargo van has the ability to tow up to 10,000 pounds when trailering. Plus they are now available with a trailer brake controller for additional control while driving.

The cargo van also comes with a rear view camera which shows you a video of what is behind you. The camera is installed in the rear license plate bracket and only operates when the gear shift is in reverse.

The reversing sensor system uses ultrasonic sensors to alert you to potential objects that may be in your way when backing up. This is almost like having another set of eyes working for you.

Interior Features

Basic interior features include cruise control and an anti theft locking system. The van has a remote less key entry system and includes powered features such as power windows, door locks and mirrors.

The E150 Cargo van has multiple audio systems and options such as Sirius Satellite Radio and Ford Sync capabilities.

The E150 Cargo Van provides lots of headroom which is perfect for anyone on the tall side. Currently the headroom is 42 inches, with 40 inches of leg room in the front row.

Payload Capacity

The Ford E series of vans have been used by businesses for almost 50 years now. This just shows how versatile these cargo vans are.

The E150 comes with a 4.6 L V8 engine with 225 horsepower and has a payload capacity of 3,190 lbs. The Gross Vehicle rating is 9,500 lbs. The basic E150 model comes with a 4 speed automatic transmission with overdrive feature.

The E150 can seat between 2 to 5 people depending upon the seating arrangements. The maximum cargo volume for the E150 is 278.6 cubic feet.  The cargo length across the floor measures 122.4 inches.

Final Overview

The E150 Cargo Van is extremely versatile and can be customized to suit your individual business needs. If you wish the side doors can be sliding or a hinged door making the side portion of the van easy to access.

The E150 regular length van has a fuel capacity of 33 gallons. The fuel is delivered by an electronic fuel injection system. The braking system is a 4 wheel disc system with ABS. The front and rear shocks are heavy duty gas pressurized shocks.

There are several color options available for your new E150 Cargo van and don’t forget that you can easily have it customized with your business logo. This way you can attract new clients while driving around doing your daily work.

The E150 vans are very popular and this is one reason why Ford hasn’t made that many major changes to it for quite a while now. Other than just upgrading it with new technology features.