Ford E-250 Extended

The Ford E250 Extended Commercial Van

You may also see this van called the E250 Cargo van, they are both the same vehicle with commercial being used as this van is primarily used by business owners.  Prices for the E250 extended model start at $29,225. The length of the extended van is 236.4 inches compared to the length of the regular model at 216.4 inches.

Basic Features

The E250 extended van is the only van of its size to have a V8 engine. The engine is a 4.6L EFI Triton which produces 225 horsepower. The engine is a flex fuel engine which means it can run on unleaded gas and E85 or a combination of the both. The engine features a silent cam drive which makes this van very quiet and smooth to drive. The transmission is a four speed automatic.

Ford includes its Advance Trak Stability System as standard on this commercial van. This system is a great safety feature and uses sensors to measure and control the van if you suddenly swerve or have to make a very sharp turn. The sensors are automatic and apply just the right amount of pressure and control to the engine and brakes to allow you to regain control quickly. Hopefully preventing you from rolling your van, the instances of van rollovers have been greatly decreased since Ford introduced this feature on all their vans, both commercial and passenger.

The radio is a simple AM/FM one with a digital clock, two speakers and an audio jack. More advanced entertainment and navigational features can be chosen if necessary.

The wheels are 16 inch and come with sport wheel covers. The basic tires are all season and a full sized spare tire is also included.

Interior Features and Options

Front air conditioning is standard on the E250 cargo van with the option of rear air conditioning if you wish. Other comfort features include a vinyl floor covering for the front area of the van. As well the front is lit by a dome lamp. The rear is equipped with a rear cargo light. All the doors on the E250 extended are light switch controls. In addition the van has warning chimes and will let you know if you accidentally leave your headlights on.

Exterior Features

The bumper on the E250 extended commercial van is a standard black. You do have the option to upgrading to a chrome bumper on the front and rear if you wish. The front grille is also standard black. The bumpers can be purchased as white bumpers if you don’t mind paying for the option.

The basic mirrors on the van are manual mirrors and are the telescopic trailer tow type of mirror. Power mirrors are available as are aerotype mirrors.

If you would like to see what many of these options and features look like you can easily visit the Ford website and see tons of pictures there. Your other option is of course to visit your local Ford dealership and take a look inside the E250 extended van for yourself.