Ford E-250

Ford E250 Cargo Van

The E250 Cargo Van from Ford is also known as the E250 commercial van. It has a base price of $27,870 plus of course it comes with plenty of choices for options and add ons should you require them.

Interior Features

Standard interior features on the E250 cargo or commercial van include front air conditioning and a slim line console cover which makes the van look very neat and organized inside.

The floor at the front of the cargo van is covered in vinyl flooring with the option of having the rear floor covered in vinyl as well. The horn in this van is a dual note electric horn.

There are step well pads included as a standard feature on this van and come in standard black. The steering wheel has power steering and a tilt control, with cruise control an available option.

The EconoCargo system is an option but one that is well worth mentioning. This system consists of durable high density polyethylene panels which keep the inside of the van colder or warmer, depending upon outside conditions. This system will also prevent your cargo from moving about as much and adds three inches of passenger room.

Sun visors and driver and passenger storage compartments are two other useful standard features that Ford has included on this model.

Exterior Features

If you need to carry around ladders for your business then you can get the Rack and Bin Upgrade #1 added to your cargo van. What this does is add a roof rack which is capable of holding your ladders. They will be easy to load and remove and frees up valuable space inside your cargo van.

Upgrade to the Electrical/Appliance package and you will have a spool rack and twelve drawer cabinet installed by Ford.

If you need to pull a trailer then have the trailer package installed. As a note this package can only be installed if you choose a rear step bumper model.  For loads of up to 10,000 pounds then the heavy duty towing package is your best choice. This also comes available with the integrated brake control package which helps you keep control over your trailer if it should start to swerve on you.

Technology Features

As this E250 commercial van is mainly used by business the audio system is very basic. But of course you have options to upgrade if you need more advanced options. The basic radio is just an AM/FM model with two speakers, a digital clock and an audio jack. A model which includes a CD player is available.

Other technology features that you may wish are the use of a Sirius Satellite System, or Ford’s Sync system. This latter system would provide you with access to 911 Assist in the event of an emergency. Plus the Sync system can provide you with directional information as well as things like the current weather conditions. This could prove to be handy if you are out on the road all day long.