GMC 3500 Savana Extended Cargo Van

The Savana 3500 Extended Cargo van is available with a regular or diesel engine. As well as additional length this van offers lots of space when it comes to head room and leg room.

The overall width of this 3500 extended van is 79 inches and a height of 82.8 inches. The wheelbase is 155.0 inches. As an example the front head room is 39.8 inches with leg room of 41.3 inches.

The cargo volume for the 3500 extended cargo van is 313.9 cubic feet. The Gross Vehicle Weight Rating is 9,600.0 lbs with a maximum trailering capacity of 7,100 lbs.

Engines and Fuel Consumption Ratings

The standard engine is a V8 Flex Fuel with 295 horsepower. This particular model is a rear wheel drive model with 4 wheel disc brakes with ABS. The battery has 600 cold cranking amps and the alternator 105 amps.

The EPA fuel ratings are as follows:

  • 16 miles per gallon on the highway
  • 10 miles per gallon in the city

These numbers are for both the Flex Fuel and the Diesel engine models.

Interior Features

Some of the standard interior features include driver and passenger airbags with a side head air bag. There is an on/off switch available for these air bags. Air conditioning is also included for the front of the van only. Rear air conditioning is available as an upgrade.

The front two seats are vinyl bucket seats with an option to have cloth covered seats installed along with a power controlled driver’s seat.

AM/FM Stereo, CD player and Satellite Radio are not standard features on this 3500 model but can be included if you wish.

Other standard features include power steering, a tire pressure monitoring system and an auxiliary power outlet.

Exterior Features

Daytime running lights are a standard exterior feature of the Savana 3500 Extended Cargo van. Other features include intermittent windshield wipers, traction control, electronic stability control, steel wheels and front and rear all season tires.

Some available exterior options include luggage system, trailering system and trailer hitch, plus the option of having a 3rd passenger door installed.

Keyless entry and heated exterior power mirrors either with or without turning signals are yet another available option.

The Savana 3500 Extended cargo van is a very popular work van. Many small businesses like to use this van as it provides more than ample room for all their work supplies and materials. Being able to customize the van is another added advantage.  This can easily turn your work van into a mini advertisement for your business as it is driven around town.

If you are in the market for a new work vehicle it may be worth your while to check out this particular model. Visit your local GMC dealer today and take one for a test drive. The sales rep can then show you all of the available options that you may want to take advantage of. Remember you are using this vehicle everyday so it needs to meet all of your requirements.