Nissan NV 2500 HD Cargo Van

Nissan NV 2500 HD Cargo Van

When it comes to styles of vans the Nissan NV 2500 HD Cargo Van has it all. It out does the often old looking style of the Chevy and Ford Cargo vans. For 2012 Nissan made huge attempts to make their cargo vans both appealing and stylish.

Small business owners today are looking for affordable vehicles that fit their business needs, and Nissan has managed to achieve this with their NV 2500 HD Cargo van.

nissan nv 2500

Features of the NV 2500

The NV 2500 is capable of holding a payload of up to 3142 pounds and has a wheelbase of 146.1 inches. The total length of this cargo van is 240.6 inches long regardless of which model you buy. When it comes to height the NV 2500 is available with the standard roof height of 84 inches or in a much taller version with a roof height of 105 inches. This increased height boosts your cargo volume to an impressive 323.1 cubic feet.

The standard engine for the NV 2500 is a 4.0L V6, 261 horsepower engine from the Nissan’s VQ family of engines. There is the option of upgrading to the 5.6L V8 if you should wish this model.

What Makes the Nissan NV 2500


When you first look at this cargo van you will notice immediately that the front of the van looks longer and resembles the front of a truck. Indeed this is one thing that Nissan has taken the time to achieve. Making their cargo vans comparable to a pickup truck but with more covered storage room.

Another difference from the Chevy and Ford cargo vans is that Nissan has taken the time to add more details to their cargo area. Standard on the 2500 cargo van is a step bumper for easy access. Nissan has also installed a large grab handle on the door way and this helps when climbing into the van through the rear doors. The doors themselves open up to approximately 243 degrees.

On the NV 2500 HD it is possible to lay a sheet of drywall between the rear wheel wells as there is almost 54 inches of room in between. Just like on a pickup truck Nissan has integrated six D rings into the floor of the cargo vans to use as tie downs. These rings are capable of holding up to 1100 pounds!

The inside design of the cargo area allows business owners to easily add shelving and racks as necessary. Nissan installed reinforced mounting points on the inside walls. There is also standard cargo lighting in this area as well as accessory power outlets.

Driver Options

Nissan didn’t forget to overlook the driver’s area on this NV 2500 cargo van. They have provided comfortable bucket seats which are covered in a waterproof and stain resistant fabric. This particular model has pull out storage bins on the front seats which can easily accommodate clipboards and notebooks among other items.

The Nissan NV 2500 is very comfortable to drive and drivers report feeling as though they are driving a regular SUV and not a cargo van.

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